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Welcome to the website for award winning writer, Tommy Donbavand.

Tommy is the author of the Scream Street series, Fangs Vampire Spy, Doctor Who: Shroud of Sorrow, Home, My Teacher Ate My Brain, and much more!

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What a scream!


I have a special treat for Scream Street fans everywhere!

Over the years, I’ve written a number of short stories based in everyone’s favourite creepy community – some featuring LukeResus and Cleo and others introducing brand new characters.

Some of these stories were written for specific websites, newspapers, magazines – or simply because I had a new idea that I couldn’t quite squeeze in anywhere else!

But now – for the first time – I’ve gathered them together here, in this first collection of Scream Street short stories.  And that book is yours – for free!

Scream Street: Gloves of the Ghoul-Keeper and Other Stories

Click here to download Gloves of the Ghoul-Keeper for FREE in .mobi format.

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Click here to download Gloves of the Ghoul-Keeper for FREE in .epub format.

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Click here to download Gloves of the Ghoul-Keeper for FREE in .pdf format.

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What people are saying about Tommy…

“Thank you for a brilliant day! I had a great time but most importantly all our students enjoyed the time they spent with you, be it your talk or the writing workshops. It was amazing to see some usually disaffected boys being so completely engaged in writing and being creative. I was so impressed with the way that you, almost imperceptibly, changed your delivery style to address the kind of students in front of you so that all were engaged and involved. Your style and manner with the students was brilliant. The children, so I’ve been told by other members of staff, were buzzing about your visit so I thank you again for all that you did with our students.”
Laura Major, Cockshut Hill Technology College