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Welcome to the website for award winning writer, Tommy Donbavand.

Tommy is the author of the Scream Street series (Walker Books in the UK, and Candlewick Press in the US), Fangs Vampire Spy, Doctor Who: Shroud of Sorrow, and much more!

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What a scream!

Coming soon…

Dead Scared, by Tommy Donbavand.  Published by Badger Learning

Dead Scared

Be careful what you wish for…

15 year old Toby Manford watched his mum die of cancer, sitting by her hospital bed day after day until the last breath left her body.

At her wake, Toby lashes out at his mum’s arrogant step-brother, but a mysterious stranger pulls Toby away from the argument into a quiet corner. He tells Toby he can bring his mother back from the dead. He produces a piece of yellowing parchment and explains that Toby need only sign this contract, and his mum will be back with him in full health – as though nothing had ever happened.

The catch? Toby has to nominate someone to take her place.  Someone who will occupy her grave for all eternity…

What people are saying about Tommy…

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for today! The children and staff had a fantastic time and you created a real buzz around school! I am hoping that today will be a day that the children will remember for years to come. They certainly enjoyed meeting you and listening to your stories!”
Lousie Baker, Holme Slack Primary School

“We were thrilled to welcome Tommy to the school to lead the workshops. His enthusiasm was infectious and all the students involved really enjoyed learning how to write in such a creative manner.”
Dr David Burns, Assistant Headteacher, The Radclyffe School

“We thoroughly enjoyed having Tommy at Lane End Primary School and he gave our ‘Reading for Pleasure’ focus a real boost. The children were very enthusiastic in the assembly and writing workshops and got a great deal out of the day.”
James Twigg, Headteacher, Lane End Primary School

“Tommy’s energy and enthusiasm are engaging and infectious – even the most reluctant writers are inspired to put pencil to paper.  Any child’s suggestion for a story (no matter how off-the-wall) is accepted and skilfully woven into the narrative during Tommy’s fast-paced workshops.  A visit from Tommy is a great pick-me-up for a gloomy January.”
Donna Scully, Carr Head Primary School

‘What can I say? Thank you so much for making the trip over the Pennines and inspiring our Freshers and putting ‘story’ at the heart of reading and writing. They haven’t stopped talking about your visit and your books are flying off the shelves!  So, a big, HUGE thank you for a resounding success. Hopefully we can invite you back next year to inspire a whole new crop!’
Alison Vanes, David Young Community Academy

“What a fantastic day! The children, and staff, thoroughly enjoyed our first author visit.  The children would have quite happily ‘interrogated’ Tommy for the whole morning as they are loving his books and had lots of questions. But Tommy kept the day moving and the children were enthusiastic and engaged throughout.  I would highly recommend a visit from Tommy, the children are still talking about it and have produced some great  work as a result.”
Claire Hitchen, Barmby on the Marsh Primary School