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Welcome to the website for award winning writer, Tommy Donbavand.

Tommy is the author of the Scream Street series (Walker Books in the UK, and Candlewick Press in the US), Fangs Vampire Spy, Doctor Who: Shroud of Sorrow, and much more!

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What a scream!


The adventures of a BRAND NEW superhero – Snow-Man!  Illustrated by the brilliant Steve Beckett, the six book series will be published by Badger Learning!

Snow-Man: Hot Hot Hot!

Cole Day lives in the village of Shiverton with his sister, Winter, and pet dog, Jeff.  His Dad works at a nuclear power plant, and his Mum is a TV weather reporter.

Not very exciting, until…  One day – COSSSSHHH! – a stray snowball hit Cole on the back of his head…

But, it wasn’t just any snowball…  It was a RADIOACTIVE snowball!

And it turned Cole into SNOW-MAN – the world’s coolest superhero!

Now – whenever Cole munches on a raw carrot, his body transforms into the white, fluffy hero!  Dressed in a top hat and scarf, it’s down to SNOW-MAN and his team – THIN ICE and FROSTBITE (his annoying sister and pet pooch) – to defeat the world’s nastiest villains.

Bad guys, you’d better freeze!  SNOW-MAN is slip-sliding your way…

What people are saying about Tommy…

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for today! The children and staff had a fantastic time and you created a real buzz around school! I am hoping that today will be a day that the children will remember for years to come. They certainly enjoyed meeting you and listening to your stories!”
Lousie Baker, Holme Slack Primary School

“We were thrilled to welcome Tommy to the school to lead the workshops. His enthusiasm was infectious and all the students involved really enjoyed learning how to write in such a creative manner.”
Dr David Burns, Assistant Headteacher, The Radclyffe School