How was your Christmas break? Mine was wonderful, thank you for asking, save for having to call the RAC (breakdown service for my non-UK readers) out TWICE on Boxing day (day after Christmas Day for you Johnny Foreigners).

Now, however, as the turkey finally settles, it’s time to get back to work. I finished the third draft of the first book in the Scream Street series (SS1) on Christmas Eve, so now I’m back to the first draft of SS4. I’ve still got the second draft of SS3 sitting on my desk, but I’ll get to that after these two are submitted in the new year.

I’m also tentatively putting together notes for what I hope will be my next series. For obvious reasons I can’t talk about that at the moment, but it’s a break from what I’ve been writing over the past couple of years. I have an idea for a standalone novel for older readers, too. I’ll be getting to that at some point in 2008.

Also in 2008, I’ll be writing a book of drama games and exercises for teachers to use. A bit of a break from the fiction, but back to the non-fiction stuff I started out writing. I’m looking forward to it, and I’ve got a team of teachers poised around the country, ready to test out the content and report back. I’ll be able to say more once the contract’s signed.

Right, I’d better get back to Scream Street. these books won’t write themselves, unlike those written by a certain Mr Skipstone…


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