The first review for a Scream Street book other than SS1: Fang of the Vampire has appeared on  It’s for SS4: Flesh of the Zombie, and here’s what the reviewer had to say…

***** Another brilliant book!

The Scream Street series has really captured my 10 year old sons imagination. He literally devoured all of the books in this series within days and his face lit up when he talked about the story and the characters.

My son is a very reluctant reader and very few books inspire him to read but the Scream Street series has done this and has left me astounded.

My son has been onto the web site, he knows exactly how many books will be in the series and when they will be published and he even asked me to contact the author to ask him to “hurry up” with the next book and can he write more!

As a parent, I cant wish for anything better!

You can read the review in situ here:

How chuffed am I?  That’s exactly the sort of reader I set out to reach.  In response – I promise I’ll write as many Scream Street books as my publishers will let me!