Many a year ago, when I was 10 or 11 years old, I found a book in my local library which I loved (although, looking back, I loved reading pretty much anything – even losing myself in the list of ingredients of the cereal packet at breakfast time).  This book, however, was something special.  I read it again and again, devouring the sequels I found on the shelf beside it.  It was a wonderful time.

Eventually, however, I moved on to read other things and forgot all about this incredible series.  Over time, I forgot the names of the books and that of their author.  I couldn’t recall the characters, or even much about the plots.  All I remembered is that the adventures were set on Mars, and the feeling of utter joy I experienced while reading them.

Thirty years later, I still think about that first Mars book and its sequels, hoping against hope that I can find and re-read them one day.  I’ve scoured libraries and bookshops, hoping to spot a familiar cover or read a character name that would bring everything flooding back.  No joy.

This morning, I stumbled across an article on the Internet about a series of books written by Tarzan author, Edgar Rice Burroughs.  The first book, A Princess Of Mars (originally titled Under The Moons Of Mars), was Burroughs’ first novel, penned in 1911 under the brilliant, if unusual pseudonym of Normal Bean.  As I read more about the book and its sequels, a familiar feeling began to rumble at the back of my mind…

I think this could be the series I’ve been trying to find for three decades.  I’ve ordered a second-hand copy of the first book from a seller on Amazon (about the only way to get it) and I wait with baited breath to start reading and see if I’m right.  Oh, I hope I’m right.

I shall update you in due course…