So – today, at approximately 1.30pm – I typed the words THE END at the foot of the final page of the 13th and final book in the Scream Street series, Flame of the Dragon.

Of course, there will still be several edits to undertake but, essentially, the series is finished!  It’s taken 4 years to get this stage, and I’m immensely thankful to everyone involved – to my editor at Walker Books, Emma; my publisher, Gill; the wonderful illustrator, Lily; the designers for the series, Patrick and Jacky, my agent, Penny; the foreign rights teams and reps – and especially you!  The people who read the books are the most important of all.  Thank you for supporting Scream Street.

There are still three titles to be released, of course – and the series won’t be officially over until this time next year.  But by that time, I’ll be eyeballs deep in my next series, Project FC.  More details to come on that soon.

For now, however, it’s farewell to Luke, Resus and Cleo.

I’ll miss you guys…


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