Running creative writing workshops is great fun – but not quite as much fun as taking part in them!  Today I took my sons, Arran and Sam, to a workshop at Brighouse Arts Festival, run by my good pal and top writer, Mark Wright.

As well as his own projects, Mark writes for a number of classic sci-fi ranges, such as Doctor Who and Blake’s 7 – so it was no surprise when he got everyone planning exciting opening sequences for the Doctor, and inventing spooky new monsters.

With Mark’s help, the group got stuck in.  Here’s Sam and Arran hard at work…

And this was the result of Sam’s work, where the Doctor opens the door to the TARDIS to find himself on a planet with a red sun, and face to face with a Dalek!  (Arran wants to keep his idea secret in case he ever gets the call from Steven Moffat!)

Thanks to Mark for a wonderful afternoon!

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