Yes, it’s true!

A year after the final book in the Scream Street series – Luke, Resus and Cleo are back for another adventure in Scream Street 14: Wail of the Banshee


Stunned awake by piercing screeches from next door, Jamie, newly arrived in the neighbourhood, is certainly experiencing the scream in Scream Street. Favel has an infected tooth and Dr Skully fears the worst – the young banshee needs medicine, and fast! With the help of Luke, Resus and Cleo, Jamie must track down the ingredients for a life-saving remedy. But the four friends are dicing with death: if they’re not careful, Favel won’t be the only one biting the dust…

Scream Street 14: Wail of the Banshee is an exclusive ebook and will be available from all major online retailers in time for Halloween!

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