Yes, it’s a band new Scream Street short story – with incredible artwork by the very talented Sean Steele


Pieces of Four
by Tommy Donbavand

Looking back, meeting the ghostly pirate shouldn’t have been a surprise to Luke.  It had already been one of the weirdest weeks since he’d moved to Scream Street.

For a start, Cleo had found a giant raven with an injured eye, and had enlisted the help of her friends to coax it back to her house.  The bird was too big to fit indoors, and so she’d kept it in the garden while she treated it.  Then Resus had got into a fight with an angry goblin and lost a big piece of his vampire cape, which Luke had eventually wrestled away from the creature.

He’d been on his feet all week helping other people, and so he’d decided to relax with a nice hot bath.  But, even that had gone wrong…

He’d only nipped out for a minute or two to get a fresh towel – and when he came back, there was a pirate standing in his bath.  A shimmering, ghostly pirate.  A very short, shimmering, ghostly pirate.

“Er… hello,” said Luke.  “Who are you?”

The tiny pirate pulled out a sword that looked suspiciously like a butter knife.  “I be Cap’n Rafter!” he snarled.  “An’ I be takin’ over your vessel!”

“My vessel?”

“Ar!  It be mine now, boy!”

“OK,” said Luke.  “But you know that’s not a ship, don’t you?  It’s a bath.”

“It be a ship to me!” growled Cap’n Rafter.  “It be exactly what I need to sail the seven seas and search for buried treasure!”

Luke’s brow furrowed.  “I’m not certain that would work,” he said.  “I’m sure you’re a great pirate and everything, it’s just that baths have plugholes.  They’re not really meant to sail the seas, seven or otherwise.”

The tiny pirate sat down heavily in the bath, sloshing water over the side.  “It be useless!” he groaned.

“You could try keeping the plug in,” Luke suggested.

“Oh, it be not just the boat, boy,” Cap’n Rafter sighed.  “It be everythin’.  I’m too small to be a decent pirate, see.”

“I’m sure that’s not true…”

“Look at this hook,” said the pirate, holding up a piece of curved metal where his left hand should have been.  “A real pirate’s hook was too big – so I’ve got a coat hook, instead.  My wooden leg is naught but a pencil, and even your rubber duck here is too large to fit on my shoulder.  All the other pirates laugh and make me walk very short planks.  I be a failure!”

“Not necessarily,” said Luke with a smile.  “Come with me…”

“I feel terrible that I couldn’t save the raven’s eye,” said Cleo, sadly.  “It was just too badly hurt.”

“At least you tried,” said Resus.  “And it doesn’t seem to mind wearing that torn material from my cape as a bandage.”

“It makes quite a good eye patch,” Luke agreed.

Suddenly, a chilling cry filled the air.  “Yo ho ho, an’ half a bottle of rum!”

The trio gazed up at Cap’n Rafter, standing proudly on the raven’s shoulder.  “How’s it going up there, Captain?” cried Luke

The ghostly pirate clung on to the jet black feathers of the bird’s neck.  “I can see for miles!” he yelled back.  “‘Tis the best crow’s nest I ever had!  Me an’ Black Molly will be the scourge of the seven skies!”

“Black Molly?” asked Cleo.

“Aye!” roared Cap’n Rafter.  “That be the name of this magnificent ship!  Now fly, my beauty – there’s treasure to be found!”

And, with that, the raven unfolded its giant wings and leapt into the air, taking the proud pirate with it.  Together they soared over the rooftops of Scream Street, then disappeared into the night.

“Do you think he’ll be alright?” asked Cleo.

Luke nodded.  “I doubt he’ll have any more trouble with other pirates picking on him.”

“He’ll be fine,” said Resus, “But, with a bird that size, I wouldn’t like to be in his boots when he has to clean up the poop deck!”


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