Issue 3 of Start The Story is out now and, this time, subscribers get a FREE pantomime script – Aladdin – written especially by me!  In addition to books, I’ve written pantomimes and children’s plays which have toured all around the UK and beyond, to venues such as The Theatre Royal NottinghamLeeds’ City Varieties and The Hackney Empire.

But what’s so special about a free panto script – well, if you’ve ever tried to write a panto for your pupils to perform, you’ll know that it’s a time consuming task you simply don’t need on top of all your other work.  Even worse – if you’ve ever bought a pantomime script (which can be expensive in itself), you may have found yourself tied up in all sorts of licensing issues – from how many times you are allowed to stage the pantomime, to how many people you can have in the audience, and even how much you’re allowed to charge for tickets.  Plus, you are unlikely to be allowed to adapt, change or edit the script in any way without the original writer’s permission.

But – with this version of Aladdin, you can…

  • Edit the script as much as you want.  Add scenes, cut songs, change characters – it’s completely up to you.
  • Stage as many performances as you like, for as many people as you like, as often as you like – and charge whatever you want.
  • You can print off or photocopy this script as many times as you need to with our blessing.  Try that with a hired or purchased script!
  • Use the script year after year – it’s yours to keep forever!

The best thing is – you’ll never have to pay me a penny for any of it.  It’s yours!  In fact, the only thing you can’t do is sell the script, or pass it off as your own work.  Fair enough?

To get your free Aladdin script, all you have to do is subscribe to Start The Story for the new lower cost of just £24 – less than the cost of a single panto script if you bought one online!  Plus, you get a year’s worth of Start The Story content, including book reviews, writing tips, lesson plans and much, much more.

Later in this issue, you’ll find hints and tips on how to make scenery, costumes and props for your production of Aladdin – but we urge you not just to stick with our ideas.  Go wild!  This is potentially a whole school project, and the more individual you make it, the better.  Your pupils will have loads of ideas for how you can make your production as special as possible.

So, what are you waiting for?  Panto is for life – not just for Christmas!

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