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The Terrible Tale of Melody Doom

by Tommy Donbavand

The Terrible Tale of Melody Doom

With her supervillain parents in prison, Melody Doom is adopted by a family who couldn’t be more different to hers…  Her goody-two-shoes foster family are a complete nightmare. They sing songs, wear bright colours and, worst of all, play charades every night! Melody knows she needs to escape, but how? 

Hatching a plan involving her fluffy pink foster sister as a sidekick, Melody attempts to break into the jail and release her parents. But will the pony-loving princess give the game away?

 Check out this incredible artwork from the book, drawn by Pete Richardson

The terrible tale of Melody Doom 17



You can buy your copy here: The Terrible Tale of Melody Doom

…or watch this space for details of how you can win a signed copy!

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