I’m so very unhappy to announce that this morning we lost my dad, and the greatest man I’ve ever known – Brian Donbavand – following a long battle with cancer. He fought to the very end, and I will miss him every single day.

My Dad.

No matter what I wanted to do with my life and my career, my Dad was always behind me, 100%.

He came to see every school and amateur dramatic performance I was in.

He took the family on holiday to Pontins on the Isle of Wight, where I was a Bluecoat.

He helped build props for my kids magic show when I worked as a clown called Wobblebottom.

He listened to every single demo tape I made when I was trying to get into local radio.

He enjoyed cruises on the MV Kareliya, where I was the children’s entertainer.

He sat in the audience – again and again and again – for Buddy, when I played the Clearlake MC.

He came to see shows such as Hey Diddle Diddle, The Forgotten Nursery and Goldilocks and the Three Bears which I had written and was appearing in when I worked in children’s theatre.

He drove up to the book launch for Scream Street.

He collected every book I’d written.

He pushed me to ‘get my bounce back‘ when I was down.

He loved seeing clips of the forthcoming Scream Street TV series, while knowing he wouldn’t be here to see it launch this October.

He was the best Dad I could ever have had, and the best Granddad possible for my boys.

He was my Dad.

I want to ring him, text him, say hello.  I want to pop in, chat, sit in companionable silence.  But I can’t do that, ever again.

My Dad, like me, wasn’t a religious man.  But he was the most caring, kind, funny, amazing man I have ever known.  I have a hundred stories to tell about him, but they can wait until I can tell them and laugh – rather than cry.

He was married to my Mum – Elizabeth Mary Donbavand – for 38 years, until she died ten years ago, also from cancer.  He was devastated at my Mum’s death.

But, he battled on and, in time, he met Barbara, who was to become his new partner and a much loved member of our family.  They shared many wonderful years together.

In his final moments, he was surrounded by those who love him most – myself, my brother Bryan, my sister Sue, and his partner Barbara.  We are all proud to have been part of this incredible man’s life.

Goodnight Dad. I love you, and I always will. x

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