I’m sure by now that you’re all completely fed up with my constant plugging of Scream Street​ on TV (I’ll hush up soon – I promise!), but I do have one more – very personal – thing to say about it…

Back in the summer this year (2015), my Dad’s cancer took a drastic turn for the worse and the family had to accept that he wouldn’t be with us for much longer. We were all utterly heart-broken, as you can imagine.

My Dad was always one of my biggest supporters, and he both helped and inspired me every single day in my chosen career. I simply couldn’t have stuck through all the ups and downs without him. Now, as I finally approached a new milestone with the TV show, it looked as though he wouldn’t be with us to enjoy it.

Step up the show’s producers, Coolabi, and animators, Factory​. When they heard about this, they began to send me everything they could – Scream Street artwork, photos, animatics and even partial video clips so that I could view them with my Dad in his final few weeks. He loved every moment, and I will never be able to thank them enough for that.

I love you and miss you, Dad. This series is for you and Mum. x

Brian Donbavand

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