Badger Learning

I’m extremely proud to have written a number of books for the lovely people at Badger Learning

The Colony_cover

The giant ants first attacked humanity a year ago – eating anyone over the age of 12, and enslaving children to work in their nurseries.

Now, three young rebels – Sam, Ellie and Paul – are closing in on the ants’ home colony, and the horrific Queen Ant herself.  The war will end today.

The Head is Dead_cover

Arran, Baz and Jill are in trouble.  They’ve accidentally killed their head teacher by mucking around in the school science lab.

Now they have a choice – own up and take their punishment, or use what they can find in the lab to try to bring the head back to life before anyone notices.  Guess which option they go for?


All 15-year-old Poppy wants is to be allowed to dye her hair jet black, and for everyone to call her Raven.

And to discover whether her missing twin brother is alive or dead so that she and her parents can finally move on with their lives.

Can Poppy find Stephen, and a place to belong, at the same time?

Just Bite

Sally Hagen dresses in black, buys purple candles, and hates the fact that her Mum orders greasy, takeaway meals from the Just Bite website night after night.

When Carlos – the geek with a crush on her from school – delivers the latest dial-a-dinner, Sally figures the evening can’t get any worse.

That is, until the lights go out and a scream pierces the night…

Copy Cat

Catherine ‘Cat’ Willows is the new girl in school, and her odd behaviour is attracting the wrong kind of attention. Stacey feels sorry for her, and takes Cat under her wing, trying to be a friend.

Things seem fine until the new girl begins to follow her everywhere, starts dressing exactly like her and tries to drive a wedge between Stacey and everyone she cares about.

Just where will this unhealthy obsession end?

Dead Scared

Be careful what you wish for…

15 year old Toby Manford watched his mum die of cancer, sitting by her hospital bed day after day until the last breath left her body.

At her wake, Toby lashes out at his mum’s arrogant step-brother, but a mysterious stranger pulls Toby away from the argument into a quiet corner. He tells Toby he can bring his mother back from the dead. He produces a piece of yellowing parchment and explains that Toby need only sign this contract, and his mum will be back with him in full health – as though nothing had ever happened.

The catch? Toby has to nominate someone to take her place.  Someone who will occupy her grave for all eternity…

Ward 13

14 year old Mark Jackson has broken his leg – but that’s the least of his worries.

Lying in a hospital bed, waiting for an operation on his shattered bone, he begins to realise that several of his fellow patients have not returned from their own trips to surgery.  Patients with no-one to visit them in the evenings, or miss them should they vanish without trace. 

Patients just like Mark, in fact…

KIDNAP_Front cover

Joe and his mum are homeless and in deep financial trouble.  Then the teenager is made an offer he can’t refuse, and he agrees to a one-off job that could get his family back on their feet.

But are they getting into deeper water than they realise?

HOME_Front cover

How much would you miss your family if you were suddenly separated from them?  What would you do to get back to where you belong?

When 14 year old Danny loses his brother, Max, he’s amazed at just how far his twin will go to find his way home.

The Girl In The Wall

I hated my new house. I hated my new school. And I hated that I had to move away from all my friends.

Then I made a new friend in the most unexpected place.

Inside my bedroom wall…


I didn’t mean to kill my best friend. It was an accident. You have to believe me.

But now, ever since I buried his body in the woods, he keeps ringing me. Using our own secret ringtone.

He won’t leave me alone…

Once Upon a Time cover

All teen goth Ella wanted was for her parents to go out for the evening so she could invite her cool, blue-haired, guitar-playing almost-boyfriend in for a few hours.  But, before she can spend time with Chomp, she has to read a bedtime story to her sister, Andrea.

Sounds simple enough – even if the story Andrea wants is the very un-cool Cinderella – until the girls find themselves somehow dragged into the pages of the classic fairy story itself.

The Terrible Tale of Melody Doom

With her super villain parents in prison, Melody Doom is adopted by a family who couldn’t be more different to hers…

Her goody-two-shoes foster family are a complete nightmare. They sing songs, wear bright colours and, worst of all, play charades every night! Melody knows she needs to escape, but how?

Hatching a plan involving her fluffy pink foster sister as a sidekick, Melody attempts to break into the jail and release her parents. But will the pony-loving princess give the game away?


Everything you need to know about the Big, Bad Bard!