Barrington Stoke

I don’t just write about Scream Street, I’m also incredibly proud to write for specialist publisher Barrington Stoke who have spent the past 15 years producing some of the finest books for struggling and reluctant readers.

Virus by Tommy Donbavand

Published by Barrington Stoke

“You only get viruses if you click on links you don’t know, stupid,” Nahim hissed. “But you’ve given me an idea …”  When Nahim sends a virus to Polly and Amina, he has no idea that all three of them will be dragged inside the Internet.

How will they get home?  How will they fight the virus?  Who can help them?  If only Nahim’s ICT class partner Max was good with computers …

Wolf by Tommy Donbavand

Published by Barrington Stoke

Adam didn’t have much planned for this afternoon – head home from school, grab a snack, maybe play a video game before tea.  No way did he plan to grow some claws.  Or fur.  Or a tail.  At this rate, Adam will be having his mum and dad for tea.  And they don’t seem exactly surprised…

Uniform by Tommy Donbavand

Published by Barrington Stoke

Matt’s got a problem.  The school bully has picked him as his new victim.  It looks like it’s game over for Matt. 

But then things start to change.  He starts to change.  He isn’t afraid any more.  He has the power.

Can he control it?

Zombie! by Tommy Donbavand

Published by Barrington Stoke

Nathan thought he knew all about zombies…  They’re dead.  They like eating brains.  But he didn’t know they liked to party – until he met Jake.  Jake’s been dead for 60 years and his arms keep falling off – but that doesn’t stop him having a good time.

This party’s sure to be a SCREAM!

Listen to an exclusive clip of the audio book, read by me, here:

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