Fangs: Vampire Spy

Special Agent Fangs Enigma and his sidekick, werewolf Agent Puppy Brown, were recruited by secret intelligence agency MP1 (Monster Protection, 1st unit) to stop the world’s worst super(natural) villains and criminal monsterminds from realizing their evil plans.

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Agents Enigma and Brown are drafted in to investigate a string of high-profile robberies. The presence of an unidentifiable foul smell at all of the crime scenes leads MP1 to suspect that this is no ordinary robber but one with magical abilities. Can the world’s greatest vampire spy and his sidekick sniff out the thief before he puts his stinker of a plan into action?

Codename: The Tickler

The Will Pill, an expensive mind-control technology, has been stolen by an ogre.  But Snores is only a goon for hire – who is the real culprit?  Can Agents Enigma and Brown solve this ticklish case, or will the Tickler have the last laugh?

Assignment: Royal Rescue

Fangs and Puppy are assigned to protect Princess Tiara after a series of failed kidnap attempts by Bigfoot, aka Barry Sasquatch.  Will Agents Brown and Enigma crown themselves in glory, or is the worst yeti to come?

Target: Nobody

Mr Nobody is a ghost with a taste for time travel and a fiendish plan to be brought back to life.  Can Agents Enigma and Brown stop him in the nick of time, or will the spooky spectre slips through their fingers?


Everyone loves new ice cream brand, Fairy Ices – but these treats have a nasty side effect…  Howl will Agents Enigma and Brown stop wicked werewolf Lucien Claw from realizing his sinister scheme to turn the world into wolves?


Troll Derek Dopper has hired two unlikely henchmen – Agents Enigma and Brown!  They are undercover to investigate criminal organization GLOVE.  Can Fangs and Puppy catch head honcho Mr Big, or will they return empty-handed?