Space Hoppers

In the year 2281, it was finally agreed that adults were to blame for everything wrong in the Solar System – from uninspired TV scheduling to global warming – and so governments around the world agreed to enforce retirement at the age of 18. The kids now rule the universe!

Space Hoppers follows the adventures of special agents Dan Fireball, Astra Moon and Volt as they patrol the universe, fighting crimes and chasing the Solar System’s most notorious villain, The Geezer!

All illustrations are courtesy of the incredibly talented Alan Brown.

Mudmen of Mars

It’s little wonder that countless missions to Mars failed to find any signs of life on the red planet and just sent back pictures of dust and rocks; the inhabitants of Mars ARE the dust and rocks. Martians mix water with the planet’s surface to obtain temporary bodies – then melt back into the landscape when hibernating.

However, The Geezer has found a new use for the Martian gloop – as an ingredient for the ultimate youth cream!  Dan, Astra and Volt investigate and find themselves knee deep in muddy madness.

Silence on Saturn

Saturn is the Hollywood of the Solar System, with aliens from every other planet and moon relocating there to become stars of the holographic screen. Plus, with awards season in full swing, tourists are gathering to watch the rich, famous and tentacled slither down the red carpet, hoping to win a coveted Ringie.

But, as the winner of Best Translucent Actor in a 4D Film is about to make his speech, everyone at the awards ceremony is struck dumb. Have silent movies returned to Saturn, or can our heroes become the talk of the town and restore the vanished voices?

Undead of Uranus

Uranus is a peaceful world, with a relaxing atmosphere and beautiful purple skies. In fact, so great is the planet’s reputation for serenity that many of the Solar System’s residents choose Uranus as their final resting place – that is until The Geezer finds a way to make the dead rise from their graves.

Dan‘s seen many a zombie movie, but little can prepare him, Astra and Volt for the sight of a thousand re-animated creatures chasing after them – including one with long floppy ears and a twitchy nose.

PS – a bit of trivia.  This book contains the BEST line of dialogue I have EVER written.  I won’t tell you which one, but it caused me to have to stop writing for over half an hour while I laughed at it!

Nursery on Neptune

With education now taking only a few short years, children from all over the Solar System are keen to enroll in the best possible schools – and they don’t come much better than the one on Neptune.  It’s a nursery, school, college and university all in one.

Thanks to speed learning classes in every subject, there’s plenty of time for the students to kick back and party – which is exactly what Dan wants to do.  But things quickly get old when The Geezer turns the clever kids into petulant pensioners. Can our heroes rejuvenate the pupils before they retire?

Victory for Venus

Alarmingly, The Geezer‘s efforts to discredit children seem to be working, and Venus is considering being the first planet in the Solar System to go back to adult rule. There are debates between kids and grown-ups, and passionate rallies for both sides.

Dan, Astra and a disassembled Volt are sent to Venus to help police the elections, but end up investigating when the President suddenly announces that she is conceding defeat to The Geezer himself. Have the adults got something on her, or could she be a replica of the real leader, programmed to say whatever she’s told?

Panic on Pluto

Yes – Pluto is a planet again! Having been downgraded to a dwarf planet in 2006, the population of Pluto began a massive building programme in order to increase the mass of their little world and, eventually, regain planetary status.

However, someone is now making thousands of unwanted deliveries to Pluto – adding to its already critical size and threatening to tip the entire planet out of its usual orbit.  Can Dan, Astra and Volt put a stop to this sudden onslaught of new arrivals – or is Captain Fireball too busy babysitting?

Jailbreak on Jupiter

Jupiter really is an inhospitable place.  So, it was an easy decision to use planet as a giant prison. The rest of the Solar System quickly shipped their criminals there in an effort to get rid of the bad guys – including The Geezer, who has unexpectedly handed himself in.

Our heroes suspect the villain is up to something, so Astra and Volt disguise Dan as a fellow prisoner and throw him behind bars.  Now the Captain just has to work his way into The Geezer’s confidence and find out what kind of sneaky scheme he’s planning.

Monsters on Mercury

Dan, Astra and Volt arrive at the Alien Animal Zoo on Mercury – to discover the whole place is deserted.  Only a handful of weird and wonderful animals remain, hidden in caves after escaping the clutches of an adult in comfy slippers.  The Geezer!

Tracking their arch-enemy to his spaceship rest home, our heroes find themselves faced with a monster created out of several different endangered species.  Can our heroes put a stop to this mixed-up monster and restore the animals to their formal selves – while Dan is busy taking pictures for his online profile?

End Game on Earth

The Geezer has finally returned to Earth – but he’s not going to give up quietly!  He’s holding the Prime Minister and all her MPs hostage in Parliament until they agree to hand control of the planet over to him.

Dan, Astra and Volt must find a way to face off against their oldest enemy and bring him to justice once and for all.  But, they’re in for a big surprise – in more ways than one.  And all on Dan‘s birthday, too!