Too Ghoul For School

Early on in my writing career, I was one fifth of a mysterious children’s horror writer called B. Strange

I’m very proud of the books I wrote for the Too Ghoul For School series – and I think you’ll enjoy them, too!  Check them out…

The first of my books as one quarter of B. Strange for Egmont. The series features James, Alexander and Lenny – pupils at St. Sebastian’s School – as they try to stop ghosts who live in the plague pit beneath the building from closing the place down. In this first book, the Edith Codd leads the ghosts in their first attack.

The plague pit ghosts are at it again and, this time, they’ve transformed the school science teacher into a zombie. With Mr Watts under their control, they plan to concoct a deadly gas with which to poison the pupils and staff.

The ghosts attack the school sports day as javelins become weapons and the long jump a deadly pit of quicksand. James, Alexander and Lenny must save the day and avoid the local TV crew from getting wise.

Edith Codd is at it again, this time creating a nit lotion that turns the school bully’s headlice into rampant zombie killers! Can our heroes stamp out the little blighters, while saving their own scalps?

Mr Tick, the headmaster, gets the pupils to organise a school fete to raise funds – but he doesn’t count on the ghosts wanting to get in on the act. William wants a jester, the Headless Horseman gives pony rides, and Edith falls in love with a very ugly barrel…