It’s National Poetry Day and, to celebrate, here’s a regeneration of my Doctor Haiku poem, with additional stanzas for the War and 12th Doctors!


Doctor Haiku
by Tommy Donbavand

White-haired grandfather
Wants to see the universe
Borrows a TARDIS

The Doctor changes his face
A cosmic hobo

Exiled to the Earth
Reverse the polarity
Dandy with a car

Time travel returned
All teeth and curls and K9
Do I have the right?

Pleasant, open face
Turlough, Nyssa and Tegan
At least Adric dies

Colourful costume
And not a moment too soon
Facing The Valeyard

Spoons and question marks
Ace must never know the truth

Is he half-human?
These shoes fit me perfectly!
The Master returns

No more, Gallifrey
Bad Wolf girl, I could kiss you!
Which TARDIS is mine?

Rose meets the Autons
And the last of the Time Lords
You were fantastic!

Alons-y, Davros!
Donna must not remember
I don’t want to go!

Mad man with a box
The Pandorica opens
I wear a bow-tie

Who frowned me this face?
Robin Hood does not exist
I hate soldiers now

Image created by the brilliant Butters101