Coming Soon!

The adventures of a BRAND NEW superhero – Snow-Man!  Illustrated by the brilliant Steve Beckett, the six book series will be published by Badger Learning!

Snow-Man: Hot Hot Hot!

Cole Day lives in the village of Shiverton with his sister, Winter, and pet dog, Jeff.  His Dad works at a nuclear power plant, and his Mum is a TV weather reporter.

Not very exciting, until…  One day – COSSSSHHH! – a stray snowball hit Cole on the back of his head…

But, it wasn’t just any snowball…  It was a RADIOACTIVE snowball!

And it turned Cole into SNOW-MAN – the world’s coolest superhero!

Now – whenever Cole munches on a raw carrot, his body transforms into the white, fluffy hero!  Dressed in a top hat and scarf, it’s down to SNOW-MAN and his team – THIN ICE and FROSTBITE (his younger sister and pet pooch) – to defeat the world’s nastiest villains.

Bad guys, you’d better freeze!  SNOW-MAN is slip-sliding your way…